Rokita Announces Candidacy for Governor

Indianapolis, IN – Rep. Todd Rokita has filed his candidacy for Governor to fill the ballot vacancy created by Governor Pence’s selection to serve as Donald Trump’s running mate:

“I am running for Governor because Indiana has made incredible progress the last 12 years and we cannot afford to go backwards. With less than four months to go until Election Day, Republicans need to nominate a proven winner with a record of executive and legislative success reflecting a positive agenda that Hoosiers can unite around. 

Having represented all Hoosiers for eight years as Secretary of State, I begin this race with strong positive name identification throughout Indiana, and a record of reforming government in Indiana to make it better, more efficient and more customer friendly. In Congress, I have worked to cut spending and enact policies conducive to job growth. From writing major laws that revamp federal K-12 education policy, to bringing billions back to Indiana to fund transportation infrastructure to looking out for Indiana’s farmers, our record is strong. We can build a winning campaign on those achievements that will stand as a clear alternative to John Gregg’s backwards looking liberal agenda.

I am asking the members of the Republican State Central Committee for their support. I look forward to a fair and open process with integrity from which a nominee can emerge based on qualifications, experience and most critically, the ability to win this seat and continue the progress of the last 12 years.

I want to congratulate my friend and our Governor Mike Pence on his selection to serve as Donald Trump’s running mate.   Governor Pence brings significant legislative experience and important executive experience to the ticket. Governor Pence has a strong record of advancing policies that have continued Indiana’s economic revival and moved our state so far forward the past 12 years.   Donald Trump has been successful by offering an alternative to the failed policies of President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Washington political elite. Importantly, Governor Pence’s proven conservative leadership will help unite Republicans, and Americans, around a Trump-Pence ticket. Both Donald Trump, and our nation, will benefit from having Governor Pence as our next Vice President,” Rokita said.

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