How to promote your business on 98.9 WYRZ


Any non-profit or for-profit organizations may purchase underwriting spots. Underwriting spots are similar to commercial advertising, but are subject to FCC content rules. There are some specific differences between “advertising” and “underwriting”:

Underwriting is NOT Promotional. The FCC requires that stations like 98.9 WYRZ be “non-commercial” in their programming. That means, among other things, that underwriting cannot be promotional. It must be factual. NO OPINIONS.

For example, you cannot use:

  • Superlatives (“Lowest prices in town!” or “Best Mexican food in the county!”)
  • Calls to action (“Call today!” “Come to our store!”)
  • Price information of any kind, including “free”
  • Inducement to buy/sell/lease (“Sale this weekend!” “Free to the first 100 customers!”)

Useful information your spot can include:

  • Your business’s or organization’s name.
  • A short, factual description of what your business or organization does.
  • Your location, phone number and/or website address.
  • Hours of operation.
  • Factual descriptions of services. (“Multiple brands to choose from!” “We deliver to all of Pittsboro until midnight!”)

Why Be an Underwriter With 98.9 WYRZ?

Radio advertising is generally about snagging a listener’s attention with a ton of information all at once, hoping they’ll remember it. Non-commercial radio is different. 98.9 WYRZ listeners identify more intimately with us.

The listeners are more likely to believe that a given underwriter is more trustworthy. Listeners are more likely to support businesses that underwrite 98.9 WYRZ because the business supports a community oriented radio station.

Use that image to your advantage, but don’t abuse it! Just let listeners know that you’re there, what you do, and how to get more information. They will remember you when they need goods or service that you provide.

Some Things to Keep In Mind

Underwriting spots are always 30 seconds in length. They may have instrumental music in the background, but no sound effects. All spots are voiced by our in-house voice talent, unless an agreement is made with the underwriter. Generally one script is allotted per package purchased, but new spots can be recorded on regular basis.

We Can Help!

If you’ve never underwritten on a radio station before, our staff is here to help you craft a spot that can reach a target audience and agrees with all listeners. For a consultation, call the station at (317) 852-1610 or e-mail