Shane Ray – Executive Director/Board President – Hendricks County Educational Media Corporation

Shane Ray

Shane Ray is the Executive Director of The Hendricks County Educational Media Corporation (a non-profit organization) and Station Manager (along with the number one on-air fill-in when someone gets sick or goes on vacation) of 98.9 WYRZ.

He started in radio in 1991. He began in a community-oriented radio station and found that to be the most rewarding place for his talents. A few years after moving to Brownsburg, he noticed that there wasn’t a radio station physically located in Hendricks County. After talking with town leaders and business owners, he started Radio Brownsburg, 1610AM in 2008. Eight years later, he used that as the model to start the non-profit FM radio station 98.9 WYRZ. Since then, it has become “The VOICE of Hendricks County”.

Shane is active in the community through the radio station by promoting public events on the radio station and social media. He is also an advocate for rescue animals. For years, his dog was the official station mascot, known as Jack “The Radio Dog” (who was himself a rescue dog).

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  1. Shane your station played a tune round 2:30 to day something to do with Grove it or me please tell me the name of that song thank you

    One of your aces, Allen Kiger, interviewed Phil Vassar some time ago. I can’t find a way to contact Mr. Kiger. Could you ask him a question for me? Simple: Not knowing the variables/intricacies of “country music” (or any music, for that matter), but knowing what I like and what is good songwriting, why is Vassar no longer in the top echelon of “country music?” He seems incapable of writing a bad song. With some of the junk that is out there in the genre how is he not still up there and why no play of his music on what passes for country music on, for example, our one station in Connecticut? It is surprising that we are able to see him in concert in a place here in CT in January ’20 with about 150 seats. Great sound, but tiny. Could Allen Kiger give me his opinion on this Phil Vassar question? Thanks, Shane and Allen. Peace and love.

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