98.9 FM

Getting Better reception of 98.9 WYRZ:

No longer can you just turn on a radio from anywhere in your home or office and expect excellent radio reception!

This lack of reception is caused by these common household items, which generate electrical disruptions to your radio reception. They don’t do a lot on their own…but most homes have many of these items, often all turned on and running at once. This can add up and cause a lot of signal noise in your radio.

-CD players and/or recorders
-DVD players and/or recorders
-Computers and monitor screens
-Cable TV boxes
-Satellite TV boxes
-Video game systems
-Microwave ovens (honest)
-Halogen lights, especially those tall floor lamps with dimmer controls.
-Light dimmer switches in general…including dimmers built into your walls.

If you can’t turn some of these items off, try moving your radio away from as many of these electronics as possible when listening to 98.9 WYRZ.

An Even Better Location

Concrete, brick and steel structures can also be a problem for radio signals. You can bet, if your radio is in the center of a building made from these materials, you will likely have difficulty listening to 98.9 WYRZ.

Try to get your radio near a window. ANY window! The 98.9 WYRZ broadcasting tower is located on the north side of Brownsburg. For best results, place your radio near a window facing this direction.

Antenna Adjustment

Most of the better FM radios and home stereos have some kind of an external antenna. It may be a built-in antenna rod or wire, or even a plug-in type. Moving the rod or wire and/or stretching them out to their fullest often give significant reception improvement.

If nothing else, listen on-line!

If you work or live in a basement, or the center of a large concrete building, don’t worry! 98.9 WYRZ streams on the internet. You can also listen on your computer, cell phone, or tablet!