IMPD Investigates Officer Involved Shooting at 10th Street and Rural Street on the East Side of Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS – On Tuesday night, leaders of the IMPD affirmed Chief Riggs’ commitment to transparency by providing details of the officer involved shooting that had just occurred near the intersection of 10th Street and Rural Street.

As they provided the preliminary findings, officials also committed to updating members of the community with any new information gleaned from the investigative process.  This release contains the most up-to-date information on the investigation and the details are supported by witness statements and surveillance video from the gas station lot.

The man killed in Tuesday night’s shooting is now identified as 44-year-old Kevin Hicks.  Mr. Hicks was involved in a physical disturbance with his wife inside of her car and she was driving on the street.  The couple’s young child was also a passenger inside the car during the disturbance.

In an attempt to end the fight, Mrs. Hicks called 911 and told dispatchers her husband was assaulting her.  The woman saw the marked police car on the lot of the Marathon gas station, pulled onto the lot and parked next to the officer’s car.  She told the officer she was being physically assaulted by her husband and, at this point, the officer attempts to intervene in the disturbance and defuse the situation.  This is when Hicks exits the passenger side of the car and engages in a discussion with the officer and his wife.  As Hicks and the officer walk around the car toward the driver’s side, Hicks begins his assault on the officer.

According to witness statements, the officer attempted to deploy his Taser but it was knocked from his hand.  A check of the Taser confirmed it had not been deployed.  After the loss of his Taser, the officer attempted to create distance and disengage from Hicks by moving backwards.  The momentum of this struggle caused Hicks and the officer to fall to the ground and, ultimately, outside the view of the surveillance camera.  Witness statements indicate Hicks may have attempted to gain control of the officer’s gun during this struggle.  The officer discharged his weapon, striking Hicks.  The surveillance footage does not include the shooting of Hicks.

Following the shooting, the officer immediately requested medical assistance for Hicks.  In the struggle, the officer sustained a possible broken hand, a human bite wound on that same hand, contusions to his face and a possible concussion.  The officer was treated and released from Methodist Hospital but he is scheduled for follow up appointments and continued treatment of his injuries.

The officer involved in this incident is identified as Patrol Officer Robert Carmichael.  Officer Carmichael is a 6 year veteran of IMPD.  He is currently assigned to East District Middle Shift.  Officer Carmichael remains on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of this investigation.

Investigators believe Hicks was AWOL from Duvall Residential Center (a Community Corrections Facility) and this may be the reason behind the physical disturbance between Hicks and his wife.  Additionally, Hicks had a warrant for his arrest; the warrant was issued as the result of a Community Corrections violation.  Officers were not aware of this during last night’s encounter with Hicks.

As for the next steps of this process, Homicide detectives will continue their investigation and consult with the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.  The involved officer is on administrative duty and will be interviewed by Internal Affairs in the next few days.  This is all standard protocol and practice in this type of investigation.

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