I-69 Section 5 construction update for week of March 19

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (March 18, 2018) – Traffic in the northern section of the I-69 Section 5 construction zone remains in single lane configuration on the southbound lanes of SR 37, and connections to both Pine Boulevard and Turkey Track Road (also called Old SR 37 South) to the east are permanently closed. 

The Walnut Street interchange will close on Monday and is expected to remain closed until mid-to-late April. The official detour is the SR 46 interchange approximately 3.5 miles to the south. North Old SR 37 north of the Liberty Church interchange will close on Monday for approximately two weeks to allow for drainage improvements.

The following restrictions will be in place for the week of March 12:

  • The right lanes of both northbound and southbound SR 37 at Tapp Road will be closed daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday for ongoing bridge work and to treat the median subgrade in preparation for paving operations.
  • Work continues on the 2nd Street Bridge (SR 45) with no changes in traffic configuration. Traffic on the bridge deck is reduced to one lane eastbound and one lane westbound.
  • At the 3rd Street Bridge (SR 48), beginning Wednesday there will be a single lane closure on westbound 3rd Street from Gates Drive to Liberty Drive to continue work on signal and light pole foundations. The eastbound right lane will be closed daily from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for pavement removal and bridge construction.
  • There will be daily lane restrictions on both north and southbound SR 37 from 3rd Street (SR 48) to Vernal Pike for median drainage work adjacent to the median barrier wall. 
  • Flagging operations will be in place Monday and Tuesday at Industrial Drive west of SR 37 to allow for deep patching and paving operations.
  • From Wednesday through Friday, the left lane of northbound SR 37 will be closed daily from Arlington Road to Kinser Pike for median drainage work.
  • Work continues at the interchange of SR 37 and SR 46.  The right lane of southbound SR 37 to the westbound SR 46 ramp will be closed for the installation of concrete curbing. Eastbound SR 46 traffic can now access SR 37 north, but will do so in a yielded merge condition. Motorists are urged to exercise caution when merging on to SR 37, and come to a complete stop if necessary until it is safe to proceed. 
  • The intersection of Acuff and Prow roads east of SR 37 is closed until on or around April 15 to make intersection improvements.
  • There will be daily single lane restrictions on both north and southbound SR 37 at Sample Road to allow for continuing bridge work.
  • All week there will be a daily lane closure of southbound SR 37 from Stone Belt Drive (approximately on mile north of the interchange) to the Walnut Street interchange for pavement milling and placement.
  •  The right lane of northbound SR 37 will be closed daily from Fox Hollow Road to Chambers Pike for shoulder improvements and drainage work. 
  • North Old SR 37 north of the Liberty Church interchange will be closed for approximately two weeks to allow for drainage improvements in advance of the eventual permanent closure of North Old SR 37.

Motorists traveling north from Bloomington and wishing to avoid potential delays on SR 37 are strongly encouraged to stay off of county roads and use the alternate routes of SR 46 east to I-65 north and SR 46 west to SR 67 north.

As the volume of construction activity increases, motorists are urged to reduce their speed, pay attention to changing traffic conditions, and drive with no distractions.  All construction activity is weather dependent and the schedule is subject to change.

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