Brownsburg Town Council Names Appointments

BROWNSBURG – Brownsburg Town Council elected officers and made several appointments to the municipality’s boards and commissions at its January 5 special meeting.

The council re-elected Ashley Hobbs as council president and Dennis Dawes as vice-president for 2016. Dawes will be the council liaison on the Brownsburg Police Commission and Sean Benham will represent the Town on the Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership. New council members Brian Jessen will serve on the Fire Territory executive board and Chris Worley will continue on the Advisory Plan Commission.

Claire Rutledge and Mark Tieken will be new faces on the Advisory Plan Commission. Joe Dunbar and Robert McLaughlin will serve on the Economic Development Commission. Richard Holmes was appointed to the Police Commission and Brett Scowden was reappointed to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

The Redevelopment Commission will be composed of reappointment Matthew Browning, with Michelle Artmeier, Matt Simpson, Joe Hornett, Troy Austin, and a yet-to-be named Brownsburg School Corporation representative.

EDC member McLaughlin, RDC member Artmeier, Plan Commission member Tieken, and resident Randall Hackworth will make up the Brownsburg Improvement Committee.

Ken McGee and Hackworth will serve on the Park Impact Fee Review Board. Charlie Lawrence will join the Northfield at Wynne Farms Advisory Board along with reappointments Don Peoples, Jay Puckett, and Jennifer Knox.

Tieken, Rutledge, Joe Almon, Frank Lamar, Devin Koonce, Jeff Ball, Travis Tschaenn, Chris Snodderley, and Eric Spoonamore will make up the Town Manager’s Advisory Board.

Town Council and Brownsburg boards and commissions meetings are held regularly at Town Hall, 61 N. Green Street, and are open to the public. Live video of the meetings is streamed on the internet and archived on the website.

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