Brownsburg Town Council Asks for Residents Input on Proposed Minimum Housing Standards Ordinance

Town of Brownsburg

The Brownsburg Town Council recently tabled the first reading of a proposed ordinance on Minimum Housing Standards to allow for public input. The Town often gets complaints about health, safety and welfare conditions of properties, which existing building codes and zoning regulations don’t address.

Minimum Housing Standards are intended to ensure that owners maintain structures and exterior premises in a manner that helps promote acceptable health, safety and welfare conditions and to protect property values. Residents are encouraged to provide comments as the Council hears the ordinance on three readings at upcoming council meetings.

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  1. Government has no business telling someone how to manage their home. It is an overreach. I keep my lawn mowed and any person in government that tries to set up a town/city HOA will be voted out. If you don’t think it is possible I believe a referendum was voted down recently in this town. Worry more about getting CHOMO’s out of our town or enforcing speed limits in school zones.

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