Possible multiple tornadoes leave mark on Hendricks County Monday afternoon

Some residents of Hendricks County spent their Monday evening cleaning up storm damage in the wake of a tornado or several tornadoes that bore a path through much of Hendricks County before continuing through Boone, Tipton, Howard and Grant counties before finally weakening in Huntington County in northwest Indiana.

Reports of a funnel cloud began to file in before 5:30 Monday afternoon in southwest Hendricks County near Cascade High School just before it touched down in Clayton causing damage to a home and downing several large trees and power lines.

The Danville Police Department also posted on their Facebook page pictures of numerous trees and power lines down around the town as well as several homes that sustained damage from yesterday’s storm as it passed through the town before 6:00 PM. Danville police also stated that at the time, there were several roads that were impassible due to storm debris.

As the storm moved away from Danville, it headed towards Brownsburg. Brownsburg Police Capt. Jennifer Pyatt-Barrett told WYRZ’s Shane Ray that there were two reported touchdowns within the town limits. The Rolling Acres subdivision in Brownsburg suffered some widespread damage with numerous trees and limbs down. Several houses also were damaged by the storm along with the report of a pontoon boat that ended up upside down in a neighbor’s yard.

The National Weather Service will be out surveying the damage over the next several days to determine if the damage was from a single tornado or from multiple storms and to classify what kind of storm it was that came through Hendricks County. Despite the widespread damage, Hendricks County Emergency Management tweeted Monday morning that there were no reports of any deaths or serious injuries as a result of last night’s storms.

(Pictures courtesy of Shane Ray – Click to enlarge)

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