INDOT: Report Signal, School Zone Flasher Timing Errors; Overhead Lighting Outages

The Indiana Department of Transportation asks Hoosier motorists to report signal timings and school-zone flashers that did not change over automatically with daylight saving time on Sunday, Nov. 1. In addition, motorists may report overhead lighting outages above interstates, U.S. highways and state routes to INDOT’s district offices around the state.

Signals and school-zone flashers
Flashers that alert motorists entering school zones and traffic signals are timed using computerized controllers. This allows traffic signals to use different patterns for periods of heavy traffic, such as the morning and evening commutes.

INDOT is now confirming that the internal clocks in traffic signals and school-zone flashers changed over automatically. INDOT technicians may remotely access the computerized controllers within most traffic signals. INDOT crews must manually patrol and confirm timings for school-zone flashers.

Overhead lighting
Photosensors turn on most lighting above state and federal highways, and are not affected by daylight saving time. But turning the clocks back each fall changes daylight during commuting times and may make overhead-lighting outages more noticeable.

INDOT also urges commuters to be more alert when driving at night. About half of the nation’s crashes occur at night even though nighttime driving makes up a quarter of the miles traveled.

Report timing errors, outages
To report an overhead-lighting outage, signal timing change or school-zone flasher that displays an hour early, contact the INDOT district office for your region. A map of INDOT’s districts with links to contact information is at

INDOT maintains numbered state routes, U.S. highways and interstates, including their intersections and interchanges.

Stay Informed
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