Indiana Conservation Officer Dustin Whitehead receives national recognition for excellence

Dustin Whitehead
Dustin Whitehead

Indiana Conservation Officer Dustin Whitehead has been selected as the Midwest Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (MAFWA) Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.  Officer Whitehead will be presented with the award at a ceremony in St. Louis, MO on June 27.

Whitehead was selected by his District One peers this past December as their choice for most outstanding District Officer of the Year.  Officer Whitehead was then selected by Indiana DNR Law Enforcement Director Danny L. East as the State Conservation Officer of the Year from nominations that were submitted representing all 10 districts.

Whitehead’s nomination was then submitted to MAFWA by Director East.  The MAFWA award selection chose Whitehead for this regional honor because in the past year he has shown superior leadership, initiative, and dedication in his duties. He has personified achievement, public service, education, and above all natural resource conservation.

“The Law Enforcement Division of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources is very proud of Officer Whitehead and his many contributions to our agency.  He is a fine example of the men and women who carry out the daily duties as an Indiana Conservation Officer”, said Danny L. East.

MAFWA states and provinces include Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

Past recipients of this award are:

  • 2015 Gregory Swanson, Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources
  • 2014 Robert Stroess, Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources
  • 2013 Russ Fell, Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources
  • 2012 William (Bill) Miller, Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources
  • 2011 Ted Dremel, Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources
  • 2010 Darren Unreiner, Alberta Wildlife Management Divison
  • 2009 Shawn Pennington, Missouri Dept. of Conservation
  • 2008 Jeff Finn, Kentucky Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources
  • 2007 Brian Bartlett, Missouri Dept. of Conservation
  • 2006 Kyke Drake, Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources
  • 2005 Kim Rhodes, Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources

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