IMPD Southwest District investigator arrests high level drug dealer from Chicago

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) Southwest (SW) District Narcotics, SW District Flex Unit (FX) developed a drug investigation from information gathered by Detective (Det.) Lona Douglas.  The initial information was just a nickname (“Chi”) of a rumored high level drug dealer. “Chi” was allegedly involved in the illegal distribution of firearms on SW.

Sterling Coble Jr.

The Narcotics unit arranged controlled buys while the IMPD FX unit executed arrests on several individuals connected to “Chi”.  Through department assets and investigatory tactics, “Chi” was eventually identified as Sterling Coble Jr. from Chicago Illinois having alleged involvement in the distribution of narcotics.  Det. Douglas began developing case information on the suspect and solicited community feedback regarding his alleged involvement and impact on Southwest District.

Det. Douglas’ persistence confirmed Mr. Coble’s alleged involvement in the illegal distribution of firearms and narcotics.  As the lead investigator, Det. Douglas sought assistance from Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) High Intensity Drug Area (HIDTA) unit to assistance.

Mr. Coble’s impact on SW District and throughout Indianapolis was insulated and off the radar.  The coordinated efforts of the various investigatory units yielded direct contact with Mr. Coble.  Several direct buys of heroin amongst other illegal substances were made from Mr. Coble in Indianapolis.

Today, Sterling Coble was arrested without incident and taken into custody. Simultaneously, 3 (Three) locations were searched in connection with Mr. Coble alleged narcotics distribution. In total, over $60,000 dollars in cash, 18 (Eighteen) guns, and over 6 (six) ounces of heroin were confiscated.

The success of this arrest was directly attributed to Det. Douglas. The cooperative partnerships of our law enforcement partners and several IMPD units ensured Mr. Coble will stand before a judge.


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