Hendricks County Soil & Water Conservation District recommends to plan now to plant trees this fall

Homeowners can start taking stock of the trees they’ve lost in the past year or two and then plan on replacing them this fall.

During that time, one critical decision is which tree should be planted. Shade trees should be planted a reasonable distance from the home. Many likely have seen large trees towering far too close to a house.

Large trees that reach heights of 70 feet such as oaks or tulip poplar should be planted at least 20 feet from the home. Medium trees can be 15 feet away, while small trees reaching 30 feet heights or less are safely planted eight to 10 feet distant.

Avoid planting any tree under a power or phone line. Dogwoods and redbuds, which have shallow roots, are safely planted near septic systems.

This fall, the Hendricks County Soil & Water Conservation District resumes its annual fall tree sale. An ample selection of native species will be available.

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