Hendricks County Health Partnership announces new "Idea Incubation" program

HENDRICKS COUNTY, IN – Do you have a bright idea for how we can collaborate to improve the health and well-being of Hendricks County residents? The Hendricks County Health Partnership (HCHP) wants to hear it! In an effort to give community members a better opportunity to share their voice with the professional public health sector, the HCHP is launching their new “Idea Incubation” program.

Many times, health professionals have difficulty connecting with community members who cannot attend daytime meetings or events. However, members of the HCHP believe that every idea is valuable, and every voice should be heard. The new Idea Incubation program builds a bridge between health professionals and community members to fulfill this belief through an online idea submission webpage.

The way it works is as follows:

  1. Submit your project idea using the form on the idea submission webpage.
  2. You will receive a personal response via email from the Partnership Coordinator confirming receipt of your submission within one business week.
  3. The Partnership Coordinator will forward your idea to the Advisory Board of HCHP for discussion, review, and a vote on moving forward. (You may or may not receive additional questions regarding your idea at this step.)
  4. Upon approval of your idea by the Advisory Board, the Partnership Coordinator will reach back out with next steps in regards developing a strategic action plan, a formal budget (potentially including grant fund considerations), and recruitment.
  5. At the next Quarterly Partnership Meeting following your idea’s approval, you or another representative of the project will have the opportunity to share with attendees for 5 minutes about your project idea in an effort to recruit participants and jump-start the effort. If you prefer not to share at the meeting or are unable to attend, you may send an email pitch to the Partnership’s 380+ person email list.
  6. Implementation of your idea begins, depending on funding needs or funding availability. If grant funds are applied for and received, then the grantor’s protocols must be followed. If Partnership funds are used, funds will be disbursed as a reimbursement for expenses up to a predetermined amount in your budget. Upon your project’s implementation, HCHP will write and share a public press release about the effort.

The process of starting a project can take anywhere between 3-6 months, depending on the scope of your idea. If you would like to submit your idea for consideration, visit: https://www.hendrickshealthpartnership.org/idea-incubation.html.

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