Help Preserve a Piece of Indiana State Police History

The Indiana State Police Alliance (ISPA) is seeking donations for a building restoration project. ISPA recently received a grant through the Indiana Historical Society for the preservation of a historic weigh station located on the Indiana State Police Museum’s property. An additional $2,500 must be raised by the ISPA in order to complete this refurbishment project.

Your donation to the ISPA at will help restore this important piece of Indiana State Police History.

The restoration project includes replacing the paneling, installing new doors and windows, as well as repairing the roof. Once the project is complete the building will be used for future exhibits and programs.

The weigh station was originally constructed in the 1950s for the Indiana State Police. Weigh stations were the work stations for Weighmasters; civilian officers who enforced federal and state laws regarding large vehicles such as trucks and buses.

Their duties included inspections of the driver’s paperwork, safety inspections of the mechanical aspects of the vehicle and weighing the vehicles to ensure they were in weight compliance.

The original weigh stations were closed in the 1990s and replaced with new buildings that accommodated the changes in vehicle size, weight and updated technology.

The weigh station at the ISP Museum is the last original weigh station and a significant part of the Indiana State Police history thus making its preservation extremely important.

Donate today to at and be a partner in the preservation of ISP’s past.

To learn more about the Indiana State Police Alliance, visit this link:

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