Grant Supports Art Council’s Youth Exhibit

In celebration of 20 years of service to Hendricks County, the Hendricks County Community Foundation is presenting $1,000 grants to local nonprofits. These 20th Anniversary Board Engagement Grants allow each member of the HCCF Board of Directors to designate a Hendricks County nonprofit that is important to them and to the community.
The 16th and final HCCF 20th Anniversary Grant was presented to the Hendricks County Arts Council on behalf of Board Member Melaney Sargent. The Arts Council is devoted to providing financial support and resources to individual artists in and around Hendricks County.  Since its establishment in Avon, the Arts Council has partnered with all of the public high schools in Hendricks County in order to support the artistic endeavors of young art students. The Art Council’s signature event, “Make an Impression,” is a juried art show held each November to highlight pieces created by local high school students. Judged categories include traditional techniques, digital media and sculptured pieces. With each category claiming a $500 first prize and achievement ribbons presented up to 4th place, this event provides exposure and support for young artists in Hendricks County.
Sargent, a HCCF Board Member and a member of the Arts Council Advisory Board, is passionate about the arts in our community and has demonstrated that through her support and volunteerism efforts with the council and with the art show in particular. “The ‘Make an Impression’ art competition is a wonderfully successful and well-organized event that brings focus to youth art and the Art Council’s role in advancing awareness in Hendricks County,” said Sargent.  “It brings together young artists, their families, and art educators and connoisseurs in our community. There was a lot of talent and buzz in the show last November, with over 170 attendees from the community. I am so excited about this event and want to see it continue.”
The Hendricks County Community Foundation understands the value of art in a well-rounded education for our children and has financially supported the arts in our community for over 20 years.  HCCF Program Officer Eric Hessel was asked to be a judge for the art show last fall and he was amazed at the level of artistic talent showcased that night.  “One of the signs of a great community is quality art,” said Hessel.  “If  ‘Make an Impression’ was any indication, Hendricks County has a vibrant future with these young artists. It was a difficult challenge and wonderful honor to participate as a judge of the exhibit. And it is an equal honor to be a part of an organization that is actively supporting these talented kids in our community.”

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