February Schedule Adjustments Include More Frequent Service to Airport

INDIANAPOLIS (February 5, 2020) – IndyGo today announced upcoming schedule adjustments that will take effect February 9, 2020, including more frequent service on the Route 8 and Route 10, as part of an ongoing effort to improve access to transit service for Indianapolis residents.

Beginning February 9, the Route 8 westbound from Harding St. to the Airport will run with 15-minute frequency until 7 p.m. on weekdays. The weekday frequency of the Route 10 will be increased from every 20 minutes to every 15 minutes until 9 p.m. With these frequency improvements, Route 8 will provide an additional 150 trips each week, and Route 10 will provide an additional 105 trips per week.

“The Indianapolis International Airport continuously strives to provide more connectivity for the more than 9 million travelers that pass through our terminal doors,” said Indianapolis Airport Authority Executive Director, Mario Rodriguez. “We are happy to share that goal with IndyGo as they ensure that our Indianapolis residents have a more frequent and reliable service to and from the airport.”

In addition to the routes listed above, Route 38 and Route 39 will have minor changes to their schedules. Riders of all these routes should review the new schedule to note any changes to trip times.

On the Red Line (Route 90), certain rapid transit vehicles continue past 66th St. and University stations. Riders will begin to see the northern extension called Route 901 and the southern extension called Route 902 on transit planning apps, but no transfer is required when traveling on a Red Line rapid transit vehicle continuing into local service.

IndyGo makes periodic schedule and service adjustments to better serve riders based on on-time performance and ridership information. Riders are encouraged to view these upcoming changes on the updated schedules by visiting https://www.indygo.net/routes/.

IndyGo has proposed system-wide route changes to take effect in June. The public may submit feedback on these proposed changes at https://www.indygo.net/june2020/ or at the upcoming public hearing on February 18, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. at 1501 W. Washington St. These changes are part of a 70% improvement in transit service developed through the Marion County Transit Plan.

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