Care to Change Addresses Demand for Mental Health Services by Opening New Offices

AVON — In 2016, Care to Change opened its doors with the goal of addressing what its founders perceived as an underserved need in the community, but it’s possible they underestimated that demand. The professional counseling center with a foundation in faith grew so quickly it had to expand its offices soon after opening.

This month, Care to Change has opened two additional counseling centers. The first is at 92nd and Meridian on the north side of Indianapolis, Carmel area, and the second is in the Prestwick area between Avon and Danville. “From the first day, growth has been a constant for us,” explains managing director and co-founder April Bordeau. “We’ve continued to staff up and added services such as tele-therapy, but there is such a demand for mental health services that there’s a wait list for many of our counselors.”

As Bordeau and her team analyzed the center’s clients, she recognized a growing percentage were traveling to Avon from Indianapolis, Carmel, Zionsville, and other communities around the state. “Our existing office was at capacity, and instead of simply expanding it, we saw an opportunity to open locations that would be more convenient for our clients,” she says. In addition to providing more space for therapy, the new offices allowed Care to Change to expand into additional service areas, including art therapy, marriage and EMDR intensives, and serving those with autism.

Bordeau believes a key element of Care to Change’s success is an approach addressing people’s hesitations about therapy. “We couldn’t be more different than the outdated stereotypes people have about counselors,” she notes. “When you walk into any of our offices, you’ll immediately notice the difference. We’re not like an impersonal medical clinic or an uncomfortably personal living room. We’ve created a warm, peaceful, professional, and private setting where people of all ages feel comfortable and relaxed while talking to their counselors.”

Another differentiator for Care to Change is its foundation in faith, Bordeau adds. “All of our professionals practice from a foundation built upon Biblical truth. That doesn’t mean we only help people of a particular faith. Instead, we have the belief we’re serving God by helping other people through difficult issues so they can reach their potential.” Besides faith, all of Care to Change’s professional counselors are highly educated and credentialed, using only evidence-based approaches to supporting their clients’ mental health.

Bordeau says the combination of those factors has proven to be appealing to individuals and families. “For example, when parents seek help for their teenagers, they’re more comfortable knowing our professionals both share their families’ beliefs and are using scientifically proven approaches,” she explains.

As Care to Change continues to grow, Bordeau adds that finding additional therapists to keep up with the demand is an ongoing process. “Growth is good, but it does mean we’re always seeking professionals who share our philosophy and want to be aligned with what we’re doing,” she notes. “We’re always looking for qualified people who want to join our team.”

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