Armored Truck Loses Cash all over I-70 in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN – Wednesday, around 9:00 a.m., the Indiana State Police Dispatch Center began receiving calls about money blowing all over the interstate and people trying to catch it.

The incident occurred on I-70 near Sam Jones Expressway when the door of a Brinks armored truck opened, and packages of money fell onto the interstate.  While some money bags remained intact, others broke open and passing traffic blew thousands of dollars of paper currency across the east and west bound lanes of I-70 traffic.  Some motorists, without regard for their safety or the safety of other motorists, stopped in the middle of the interstate to gather and pocket the wind-blown money, as well as the unbroken money bags. As responding troopers arrived they found several people with money in their hands, bags and pockets; all of which was returned to the Brinks employees. Troopers at the scene did receive detailed information from witnesses who reported a number of other motorists had gathered spilled money and left prior to the arrival of state police officers.  State Police detectives are following up on all leads to recover money stolen from the scene.

Fortunately, a number of people made the lawful and morally correct decision to return money they had picked up from the scene.  None of these people were charged with a crime.  It is important for anyone who picked up money from the scene, and has failed to return the money, to understand they have committed theft, which is a felony offense.  To avoid criminal charges, contact the state police at 317-899-8577 to make arrangements for the money to be recovered.  Money may also be returned to the Indiana State Police Post at 8660 East 21st Street any time of day or night.  State Police Indianapolis District Investigations Commander, First Sergeant Bill Dalton said, “People know right from wrong and anyone we track down who kept a dollar of this money will be arrested for theft.” Dalton concluded, “The time to do the right thing and call us to turn in the money is now, because once we knock on your door, you won’t be able to avoid being arrested.”

There will be increased patrols in the area where the money fell from the truck.  Citizens are reminded it is an infraction for a vehicle to be stopped or standing on the interstate and it is also a violation for pedestrians to be on the interstate as well, beside the fact it isn’t safe.  Citizens found in this area are subject to being cited for applicable infraction offenses and anyone found in possession of money bags or substantial sums of currency will become persons of interest in this ongoing investigation.

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