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American Legionnaires to Fund New Website, Outreach Materials for Sheriffs’ Youth Ranch

INDIANAPOLIS (April 30, 2018) – Indiana Sheriffs’ Youth Ranch volunteers are developing a new website and outreach materials offering crime prevention tips for students, parents and grandparents thanks to funding from the Indiana Department of the American Legion.

 “Our new website and materials will include good resources for information about bullying, cybercrimes, drugs, alcohol, firearms safety and first aid,” said Marion County Sheriff John Layton, who serves as president of the not-for-profit Youth Ranch. 

Layton said the Youth Ranch, which is now under development to offer summer leadership camps to future law enforcement and at-risk kids, wants in the meantime to begin changing attitudes and behaviors of today’s Indiana teens.

 Legionnaires, who lead and support many youth causes statewide and nationwide, donated funds which will cover the development of the new robust website, as well as digital and printed materials. 

The American Legion has a proud tradition of supporting our nation’s youth, Layton said. The organization was founded on the principle in 1919, when Children & Youth was declared one of the Legion’s four pillars. In the years since, a number of youth-oriented programs have been developed. 

“We are honored to join ranks with the American Legions across Indiana. Their members have defended our nation and they continue to serve,” Layton said. “Without Legionnaires, American youth would be without many valuable, life-changing opportunities – Girls’ State, Boys’ State, baseball leagues, shooting sports, youth cadet programs, oratorical contests and scholarships.” 

To make a tax-deductible donation or to receive more information about the Youth Ranch, contact the local sheriff’s office or the Indiana Sheriffs’ Youth Ranch, 5401 S. East St., Suite 117, Indianapolis, IN 46227.

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