WYRZ Program Continues

by Christina Stucker

HENDRICKS COUNTY – Now that the country is beginning to recover from the COVID-19 virus, what happens next? Thanks to the All in Rapid Response grant, from the Hendricks County Community Foundation, WYRZ will be continuing to talk about and answering questions related to the aftereffects of COVID-19 for the next six weeks.

The name of the show is changing from Health in Hendricks County to The Health of Hendricks County. “The reason for this change is because people wanted to come on the show to talk about becoming healthy with exercise and nutrition plans, instead of the purpose of the show; which is to focus on the mental and economic health of individuals and businesses in Hendricks County”, says WYRZ Executive Director Shane Ray.

For the next six weeks, the show will focus on not only local nonprofits, but also financial recovery for businesses, how the local government is handling the recovery process, and the mental health of the community. The latest episode, under the show’s new name, included Shane Ray talking with William Rhodehamel, Executive Director of the Hendricks County Community Foundation. Rhodehamel gave a report on what organizations have received the All In Rapid Response Grant up to this point. The other guest was the Superintendent of the Plainfield Community School Corporation, Scott Olinger. Olinger was interviewed by WYRZ’s Brian Scott to give the community an update on the state of the school system since the beginning of the pandemic.

The show will still air on Thursdays at 7pm on 98.9FM. Shane Ray & Brian Scott will continue hosting the show and each program will be podcasted on the station website at www.wyrz.org, after the initial broadcast.

For more information about WYRZ, visit the radio station website, https://wyrz.org. Questions can be addressed by emailing info@wyrz.org or by calling (317)852-1610.

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I play on the radio from 7 am -1 pm weekdays on 98.9 WYRZ and WYRZ.org. Follow me on twitter @WYRZBrianScott or e-mail me at brian@wyrz.org.

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