Town of Brownsburg Website Tool Expands Digital Accessibility Efforts

The Town of Brownsburg has launched UserWay, an accessibility widget that offers an inclusive web experience. Visitors to the website can customize their experience with various visual aids and choose from over 30 language settings.

“The UserWay accessibility widget on our website has enabled us to better serve and engage with our diverse community,” said Town Council President Travis Tschaenn. “By offering a range of accessible features, such as screen reader and keyboard navigation, we can provide an inclusive digital experience for all. We are proud to offer UserWay to improve our website’s accessibility and ensure everyone has equal access to the information and services provided by the Town of Brownsburg.”

Inclusion is a critical focus for the Town of Brownsburg, with programs, facilities, and services designed to meet the diverse needs of the Brownsburg community. The accessibility widget through UserWay furthers this commitment to inclusion by bringing accessibility to the digital realm.

The widget is located at the bottom right corner of all Town of Brownsburg website pages, including the Brownsburg Police Department, Brownsburg Parks Department, Brownsburg Fire Territory, and Economic Development web pages.

It is available on desktop and mobile devices and allows users to customize digital content to suit specific preferences. Users can set preferred button types, language, text size, position, and color, as well as utilize a screen reader and other features. The widget also offers accessibility profiles for impairments like color blindness or dyslexia.

The Town of Brownsburg is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive community with programs, facilities, and services designed to meet the diverse needs of the Brownsburg community. With UserWay, the town’s commitment to inclusion extends to the digital sphere, ensuring everyone, including those with disabilities, can access information and services online.

“We’re making it easier for residents to access news, information, services, and resources quickly and efficiently,” said Town Manager Deb Cook. “The UserWay widget is an essential step in supporting digital accessibility.”

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