The Marion County Traffic Safety Partnership is conducting Impaired Driving Checkpoints on August 24,25 and 30th in Marion County

Impaired driving is a problem, but for motorcyclists, impaired riding results in a higher proportion of fatal crashes than for any other vehicle type. Research also suggests that more motorcyclists on the road are over the legal limit than other road users. To address the impaired riding problem, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) has partnered with the US Department of Transportation to conduct a pilot test of innovative methods for reducing impaired motorcycling crashes as part of an overall impaired-driving reduction campaign. During this project, IMPD will be conducting sobriety checkpoints for all drivers — operators of motorcycles and passenger vehicles. This enforcement campaign will address impaired riding by advertising directly to riders, and by conducting enforcement in locations historically associated with impaired riding. For more information and updates on checkpoint dates, see

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