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Sights & Sounds with Allen Kiger

Allen Kiger

On the first Saturday of each month, join Allen Kiger at 4:00 PM for “Sights and Sounds with Allen Kiger”. Allen is a Hendricks County native who talks to your favorite entertainers.

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Listen to “Sights and Sounds with Allen Kiger” the first Saturday of every month at 4:00 PM on 98.9 FM WYRZ or online at WYRZ.org.

Previous show archive:

Episode 1 – Show debut with Levi Riggs – 6/1/2019
Episode 2 – Richard Sterban of The Oak Ridge Boys – 7/6/2019
Episode 3 – The Kentucky Headhunters – 8/3/2019
Episode 4 – The Guess Who – 9/16/2019
Episode 5 – John Waite – 9/28/2019
Episode 6 – George Thorogood – 10/5/2019
Episode 7 – Ted Nugent – 10/19/2019
Episode 8 – Justin Biltonen – 11/2/2019
Episode 9 – Richard Sterban of The Oak Ridge Boys “Down Home Christmas” – 12/7/2019
Episode 10 – Phil Vassar – 1/4/2020

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