“Rules of the Road” for pedestrians, riders, and drivers

INDIANAPOLIS – As the warmer weather of the summer months draws residents and visitors downtown, IMPD would like to remind people of the “rules of the road” for pedestrians, riders, and drivers.

“In Downtown District, our officers work diligently to protect the safety of residents and visitors through conferences, sporting events, and the increased traffic and congestion of the summer months,” said Downtown District Commander Phillip Burton. “But we need your help – I urge anyone enjoying the amenities of downtown to learn and follow the rules of the road to protect your safety and the safety of those around you.”

Those traveling downtown are reminded to follow the below safety rules:

  • No motorized vehicles are allowed to operate on sidewalks or the Cultural Trail.
  • Do not allow yourself or your vehicles to block sidewalks, streets, or alleyways in a way that would keep the right of way from being utilized properly or cleared for cleaning.
  • Motorized vehicles and bicycles must give right of way to pedestrians at crosswalks.
  • Use correct legal signals to show intent to turn, stop, reverse, etc.
  • Operate motorized vehicles, non-motored vehicles, and other modes of transportation responsibly, including but not limited to, riding correctly and with the number of passengers intended.
  • Wear safety equipment and use lights or reflective clothing when appropriate so others can see you.

City ordinances on sidewalks, bicycles, and more can be found here.

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