Rokita: Obamacare Forces 29,000 Hoosiers Off their Healthcare Plan

Washington, D.C.—Congressman Todd Rokita released the following statement after the announcement that more than 29,000 Hoosiers will lose their coverage or be forced to find a new plan next year because of Obamacare. MDWise and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield are both leaving the Indiana individual marketplace because of Obamacare creating a volatile and uncertain environment.

“Next year more than 2,700 Hoosiers in my congressional district and 29,000 in the state of Indiana are going to lose their healthcare plan because of Obamacare. In 11 of the 16 counties in our district, there will be only one insurer to choose from. This means Obamacare is taking away coverage and Hoosiers’ right to choose their provider. Ever since I was elected into Congress, I have been fighting to repeal and replace Obamacare because it is the most insidious piece of legislation to pass through these halls. I am tired of seeing the damage it is causing Hoosiers. Passing the American Health Care Act (AHCA) was a huge step forward in eliminating this terrible law. The inclusion of a continuous coverage requirement and the patient and state stability fund in the AHCA would lead to more insurance companies electing to stay in states. I strongly urge the Senate to acknowledge the damage Obamacare continues to cause as they debate this important issue this week.”

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