Rokita on FOX News: Trump Administration is Right to Consider Criminal Charges For Sanctuary City Officials

WASHINGTON, DC — This morning, Congressman Todd Rokita joined FOX News to discuss the Trump Administration and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s efforts to pursue criminal charges for sanctuary city officials who harbor illegal immigrant criminals.

Watch the interview here

“First, let me say I think President Trump and Secretary Neilson, the Trump Administration, is exactly right here. We have local politicians who are ignoring the rule of law. You know, a fundamental concept of this country was founded on. To harbor illegal immigrants and have their interests be superior to that of their own constituents  – in my mind and I think many Americans, certainly many Hoosiers – that’s criminal in and of itself. So if you’re going to ignore valid federal law you as a local elected official be locked up too. That’s what my SLAP Act does.  The Trump Administration – President Trump – is exactly right in what they’re trying to do here.”

Congressman Rokita, the author of the SLAP Act (Stopping Lawless Actions of Politicians – HR 4526), praised President Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan for looking into criminal charges for sanctuary city officials who harbor illegal immigrant criminals. The SLAP Act would give the Administration the tools it needs to hold these sanctuary cities responsible.

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