Rokita Encourages Voter Fraud Investigation

Washington, D.C. – United States Congressman and former Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita, who helped write and then implemented Indiana’s landmark voter ID law and voter registration reforms, praises the Indiana State Police for their investigation and Secretary of State for her work in the face of baseless claims of racism.

“As Indiana’s former chief elections officer, I fought hard to protect the integrity of every Hoosier’s vote, and am glad to see the Indiana State Police and Secretary Lawson doing the same now.  Hoosiers are fortunate to have a robust voting system in place and should be confident that this type of activity will not affect their votes.  The cornerstone of the system is photo ID, but also includes other reforms like certified forms, a successfully implemented statewide voter file and photo ID for in-person absentee voting.  Incidents like this demonstrate that we need strong voter ID laws and should consider expanding that requirement to the mail-in absentee ballot process.”

Rokita, while serving as Secretary of State, created a statewide voter file with safeguards that helped to catch false registrants.  During his tenure, Rokita pursued multiple reforms to combat voter fraud, such as updating voter registration forms to include an affidavit to be signed by anyone assisting or submitting a form for someone else.  Rokita investigated and deputized individuals to monitor the 2007 East Chicago primary election following rampant voter fraud, and also led an investigation into false registrants coming from ACORN, a voter registration group, prompting actions to secure the registration process.

To speak with Representative Rokita on election law, voter ID, absentee voting, and other subjects please contact Luke Bunting at 202-763-5601.

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  1. I’m strongly considering voting for Mr. Rokita in the May Primary. What will he do to take voter I.D. to the National level?

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