Plainfield Police Department Deploys Innovative License Plate Reader Cameras to Help Solve and Reduce Crime

The Plainfield Police Department is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Flock Safety, a public safety operating system which brings together communities and law enforcement to eliminate crime, protect privacy, and mitigate bias, to install Flock Safety automated license plate reading (ALPR) cameras in strategic areas around the Town of Plainfield in the pursuit of proactive and reactive crime fighting.

Flock Safety ALPR cameras help law enforcement investigate crime by capturing objective evidence. They detect license plates and vehicle characteristics, not people or faces.

To proactively prevent crime in Plainfield, the cameras will send a real-time alert to law enforcement when a stolen car or known wanted suspect from a national crime database enters the jurisdiction. They can also alert officers if a vehicle associated with a missing person in an AMBER or Silver Alert is detected.

Each search in the Flock system requires a justification, and the data is never sold or shared with third parties. The cameras will be used by Plainfield Police to solve and reduce violent and property crime, and will not be used for minor traffic or parking violations.

“Too often crimes go unsolved due to a lack of information beyond a partial plate number or vehicle description,” said Chief of Plainfield Police Department, Jared McKee. “We are excited to bring this new technology to the Town of Plainfield and hopeful that we will have the ability to bring closure to both personal and property crimes to those that work, live and visit our community.”

Flock Safety cameras are in use in over 1,200 cities across 40 states, and the company works with over 1,000 police departments including nearby police agencies in Hancock County and Noblesville. The technology has been shown to reduce crime by up to 70%.

“At Flock Safety, we know that the key to safer communities is in building strong bonds between police departments and the citizens they pledge to protect,” said Garrett Langley, CEO of Flock Safety. “We’re proud to partner with the Plainfield Police Department in the pursuit of public safety.”

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