Plainfield DJ Plans a Mobile Dance Party to Collect Canned Food

PLAINFIELD, IN — Jared Wade, of Jared Wade Entertainment, has collaborated with the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Plainfield to host the “Rolling Hope” convoy to bring joy to others, while collecting non-perishable food items for a local food pantry. “Rolling Hope” will travel through the Sugar Grove and Forest Creek neighborhoods on Saturday, May 9th from 1pm until 4pm.

“Right now, people everywhere are struggling.  Some are without work, some are trying to work while also taking care of children, and some are unsure of what tomorrow holds,” said Wade. “#RollingHope was an idea created to bring two things that we need in the middle of this frustrating crisis: hope and joy. I didn’t create the idea, but I saw the potential that it had, and being a Plainfield resident, knew that this was something that could be done here.”

The convoy will start at the south east entrance of the Sugar Grove neighborhood on Moon Road promptly at 1pm, and will work its way up, driving down every street. The Plainfield Police Department and Plainfield Fire Territory will be escorting the renegade throughout the neighborhood to assure safety and that people are practicing proper social distancing. Neighbors are encouraged to set food in bags at the end of their driveways, hang out on the porch and dance to the music.

“Music is extremely powerful.  It can make you happy or sad.  It can bring you to dance or chill while reading a book.  Right now, we need to get up.  We need to dance,” said Wade. “We need to smile and laugh and be silly.  Being able to do that, even for a little while, I am confident it will make a big difference in our community.”

Local volunteers will be trucking behind to help pick up the bags of food. Once a truck is full, it will sent to the Hendricks County Food Pantry Coalition for distribution to those in need.

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