North District Narcotics Detectives Recover Heroin and Firearms Stash During Search Warrant

IMPDINDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) North District narcotics detectives execute a search warrant that leads to the recovery of a considerable amount of narcotics and eight firearms.

On Thursday August 25, 2016, IMPD North District narcotics detectives, along with North District Flex Team officers, applied for a search warrant in the 3500 block of Catalpa Avenue. The IMPD SWAT Team served the warrant without incident. The primary target of the search warrant was not home at the time, but detectives were able to locate significant evidence of narcotics trafficking from the residence. A search of the residence was conducted where the following items were seized:

·         1.5 ounces of marijuana

·         1.38 ounces of heroin

·         Loaded Glock .40 caliber handgun

·         Loaded Glock 9mm caliber handgun

·         Loaded Springfield 9mm caliber handgun

·         2 loaded AR-15 .223 caliber rifles

·         3 SKS 7.62 X 39 caliber rifles

·         Scales and paraphernalia for mixing and cooking drugs

·         1 drug press

This case highlights the nexus between narcotics trafficking and firearms possession. During the course of this investigation, the Springfield 9mm handgun was determined to be stolen from Greensburg, Indiana. The Glock 9mm handgun was determined to be stolen from Madison County, Indiana. One of the AR-15 rifles was determined to be stolen from Noble County, Indiana. Lastly, one of the SKS rifles was found to have the serial number obliterated from the weapon. “I applaud the efforts of our North District narcotics detectives,” said Chief Troy Riggs. “Removing these high-powered rifles and handguns could potentially save a life and prevent further violence on the streets of Indianapolis.”

This case originated with information given directly to North District narcotics detectives. The free flow of information about street level narcotics trafficking is just one of the reasons Chief Riggs returned narcotics detectives under the control of our district Commanders. “I am proud of the efforts of the North District Narcotics Unit and FLEX Team,” said North District Commander Christopher Bailey. “Their work, combined with tips and other information coming from the community, is helping us target the specific people, places, and behavior responsible for the disorder in our neighborhoods. We are well on our way to Reducing Crime, Reducing the Fear of Crime, and Enhancing Public Safety.” This case remains an on-going investigation with an announcement of arrests in the near future.

If you have information about criminal activity or narcotics trafficking, please contact Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana anonymously at (317) 262-TIPS (8477). The IMPD appreciates your support and efforts in helping to create and maintain a safer Indianapolis in which to work and live!





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