Modern Rockville Road project update: Design to be recommended this summer ahead of public hearing

INDIANAPOLIS (Jan. 31, 2022) – The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is advancing the environmental study for the Modern Rockville Road project and expects to recommend an updated design option this summer.

The Modern Rockville Road project includes nearly three miles of U.S. 36/Rockville Road in Marion County between Raceway Road and I-465.

INDOT is ensuring the project meets the latest state and federal requirements for minimizing impacts to the natural and human environment. This includes assessing potential locations for threatened species, historic properties and utility lines along Rockville Road.

Three potential design options were presented in early 2021:

  1. Existing/No build: INDOT would maintain the existing five lanes – two in each direction with a center turn lane and paved shoulders.
  2. Added lanes: Portions of the existing center turn lane and paved shoulders would be repurposed to add a third through lane in each direction for a total of six lanes.

Displaced left turns: Secondary signals would manage left turns in advance of main intersections.

INDOT’s project team has also met with neighborhood representatives, state officials and local officials to discuss additional ideas. The project team is reviewing potential solutions offered by neighborhood groups including roundabouts, dual-left turns and noise abatement.

INDOT expects to recommend one updated design option this summer as environmental reviews are completed. The recommendation will be followed by a public hearing and official comment period.

Video: Railroad Overpass

An important CSX railroad bridge crosses over Rockville Road between Country Club Road and Transfer Drive. Many have asked if lanes or sidewalks can be added underneath it.

Laser measuring techniques were used to confirm there was room for future growth underneath. Watch a short video to learn more. To stay informed, follow the Modern Rockville Road project on Facebook or Twitter and sign up for project updates by e-mail or text message at

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