IndyGo Educates Passengers in Preparation for Launch of Temporary Fare System

INDIANAPOLIS (November 26, 2019) – As the Red Line approaches the first day of payment on Sunday, December 1, IndyGo has created educational materials for passengers on the temporary fare solution and where the machines will be placed.

IndyGo has created a web page highlighting key information on the temporary fare solution where passengers can learn how to use the system, learn about the fare options, and view images of what the fare vending machine screens will display.

Riders can use ticket vending machines located at Red Line stations, including the Julia M. Carson Downtown Transit Center, to purchase two-hour transfer tickets and day passes, both full and half-fare, with cash or a debit/credit card. Ticket vending machines will also offer a full-fare weekly pass. Fare purchased through a ticket vending machine is active at the time of purchase and valid on both the Red Line and IndyGo’s local routes.

IndyGo’s existing paper pass system will also be accepted on the Red Line. Riders using a paper pass that needs to be activated or validated may do so at the fare box onboard the rapid transit vehicle. Riders should continue using their paper passes as usual onboard local routes.

Fare Inspectors will visually verify the validity of fare on the Red Line and Operators will do so on local routes. Riders using a half-fare pass must provide proof of eligibility, such as an IndyGo Half-Fare ID card.

In recognition of the challenges associated with the launch of the MyKey system, IndyGo is choosing to delay implementation until a full pilot test and educational period can occur. IndyGo is committed to offering riders a functional, useful, and improved fare system.

IndyGo is confident this temporary solution will allow riders to fully access the system as well as enable the agency to begin collecting fares until the MyKey fare system is ready. For more information about how to use a ticket vending machine, please visit the IndyGo Fares and Passes page.

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