INDOT prepares fleet for winter

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Department of Transportation is preparing its fleet for winter. This is the first time the Greenfield District has done full fleet inspections this early in the season. 

Over the past two weeks, mechanics have checked more than 200 trucks. “We are doing our due diligence to make sure these vehicles are winter ready,” said Pat Szewczak, Greenfield Highway Maintenance Director. “We want to maker sure each truck is repaired and ready for the road from the first sign of snow.” 

During the days and hours of inspections, trucks went through two separate check stations. One examined the exterior of the vehicle including lights, plows, wheels, salt spreaders and more. The second station checked the engine, brakes and electrical/battery. 

“We check everything to find potential problems before they become real problems,” said Clark Packer, Greenfield Deputy District Commissioner. “This way all of our trucks can be out on the roads when they are really needed, instead of in the shop in January.” 

Not only is the district preparing its trucks, but the salt barns are filling in preparation for ice. 

The Indianapolis subdistrict alone is currently holding 4,500 tons of salt. 

Last year, the classic INDOT yellow snow plows were sent on the road for the first time in December. This year, they will be ready whenever winter hits in Indiana. 

A look at a plow before and after it was treated during full fleet inspections. Over 200 plows were made ready for winter during inspections.

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