Indiana Democrats say Governor Pence Resorts to Playing Blame Game Rather than Admitting Fault to INDOT Controversy

INDIANAPOLIS – As Indiana’s D+ rated infrastructure system continues to crack and crumble, Governor Mike Pence has decided it’s best to play the blame game. He is placing blame on the hardworking contractors who help pave our roads rather than admitting his administration has been late to the game on solving this crisis for the Crossroads of America.

Following Gov. Pence’s blame game in today’s Indy Star report, Drew Anderson, communications director for the Indiana Democratic Party, released the following statement:

“Instead of conducting an internal investigation to improve on INDOT’s approval process for our roads and bridges, Governor Pence decided to put the blame on the contractor who – after receiving the green light over 72 times from the state – was simply doing its job. But that’s what Hoosiers should expect from him as time and again, he’s found a scapegoat rather than admitting fault. Hoosiers deserve to have a governor who will take responsibility for his actions rather than a leader who would place his agenda ahead of the overall well-being of our state.”  

This morning, Governor Mike Pence said this regarding the growing public relations crisis surrounding Indiana’s crumbling infrastructure:

“Taxpayers in Indiana deserve to get what they pay for from contractors serving the state,” Gov. Mike Pence said in a statement. “With today’s action, Hoosiers can be assured that our administration will hold those who do business with the state of Indiana strictly accountable for the products and services they agreed to provide.”

To see the full article on the ongoing INDOT gaffe, click here.

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