Hendricks County Soil & Water Conservation District Fall Tree Sale Opens

Orders are now being taken for the annual Fall Tree Sale of the Hendricks County Soil & Water Conservation District.

Native trees and shrubs container-grown locally can be planted in the fall and will continue growing until the winter freeze. In the spring, their established root systems resume growing quickly.

Order forms can be picked up at the SWCD office, 195 Meadow Dr., Ste. 2, in Danville, or emailed in printable format.

Orders and payments are due Sept. 21. Each of the 26 different species are $25 per tree or shrub.

Property and home owners wanting a fast-growing shade tree may choose a tulip poplar or sycamore. Both were among the giants of Indiana’s old-growth forests.

Pawpaws are available this year. Also called the Indiana banana or the custard apple, the understory tree produces edible fruit two to five inches long. The pawpaw is an acquired taste and somewhat resembles bananas.

Arrowwood viburnum shrubs are durable in difficult sites and lend themselves well to borders, screens, in mass grouping and they attract birds.

Tree pick-up is at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds; the SWCD will notify each buyer of the date and time.

Call the SWCD office, (317) 745-2555, ext. 3, with questions about this year’s species list, and to request an order form.

Species descriptions are readily available at a variety of web pages including the University of Connecticut’s http://www.hort.uconn.edu/Plants/list.php

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