Hendricks County Community Foundation Launches 2022 Community Needs Assessment

The Hendricks County Community Foundation (HCCF) will launch a 2022 Needs Assessment Survey in August with results to be announced in November 2022.

In 2019, the Community Foundation completed a first-of-its-kind Comprehensive Community Needs Assessment thanks to a grant from Lilly Endowment. The goals of the assessment were to help identify and prioritize needs in Hendricks County, unite institutions and resources from throughout our community, and create solutions that produce significant, widely-shared and lasting results. Read more about the process and find the results on HCCF’s website at www.hendrickscountycf.org

Following the conclusion of the Needs Assessment and multiple community leader gatherings, HCCF targeted community unity as the greatest need in the county. In October 2020, HCCF was awarded a $200,000 Community Leadership Grant from Lilly Endowment to use to implement plans for a more united Hendricks County.

With this grant, HCCF plans to address three critical issues: increased civic engagement, more collaboration and increased efficiency of services in Hendricks County, and a stronger sense of community pride.  In the follow-up since then, the Community Foundation has:

  • provided grants to increase civic engagement and County pride;
  • hired a Community Inclusion and Engagement Manager to continue our community outreach;
  • prepared to launch an engaging program to highlight our local elected officials with The Republican Newspaper;
  •  supported Indiana Citizen Inc. to promote voter registration and turnout in Hendricks County;
  •  launched a Behavioral Health Needs Assessment and Community Planning project to meet the growing mental and behavioral health needs in our community; and
  •  planned a Housing Summit to convene community leaders on housing access.

HCCF’s goal is to re-launch an abbreviated version of the 2019 Survey to update the data resourced by people across the community. Their goal is to reach 4,000 or more individuals that live, work, and play in Hendricks County. This will provide data that is 99% accurate (with a 2% margin of error). The survey can be accessed at https://hendrickscountycf.org/for-our-community/community-needs-assessment/. Survey responses are anonymous and will not be used for further marketing or solicitations.

The Mission of the Hendricks County Community Foundation: To be a trusted community partner in understanding needs, aligning resources, and empowering people to address today’s priorities and create lasting impact. Our vision is Hendricks County as a place where everyone has the opportunity to have a fulfilling life and the tools they need to build a stronger future together.  The Community Foundation manages assets of over $20 million in a collection of funds created by individuals, families, businesses and organizations for charitable purposes. In 2021, the Community Foundation gave over $2M in grants to charitable organizations and scholarships to local students. For more information, call 317-268-6240 or visit www.hendrickscountycf.org.

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