Hendricks County Bicentennial committee announces new website; seeking endorsed events, projects

DANVILLE, IN (November 27, 2023) – A new website, official Bicentennial celebrations and legacy projects and so much more will allow locals to commemorate 200 years of Hendricks County history in 2024.

Annual community event planners, a volunteer steering committee and many others have already begun planning for the Bicentennial but they need the community’s help to make the celebration truly special.

They are asking all businesses, civic groups, families and individuals to consider creating an event or legacy project in celebration of the Bicentennial and will offer free Bicentennial yard signs for anyone who wants to display them and official endorsements for events and projects that qualify.

An endorsement from the Bicentennial committee allows the event planner to use the official logo, have access to media promotion and tells the community that this event is designed with them in mind.

To qualify for an endorsement, the event or project must celebrate the Bicentennial and be open to the public. The steering committee is looking for events and projects that are culturally inclusive and create a legacy. In addition, the events or projects may be educational or engage and inspire others.

An official website, created by Brownsburg-based ASH Interactive, provides much more information and includes a timeline of Hendricks County’s 200 years, photos of the past and present and a calendar of upcoming Bicentennial events.

“We want to keep the public informed as much as possible about what’s going on and how they can be involved in the year-long celebration,” said Josh Duke, Bicentennial Committee member. “The website and newsletter will be two of these resources and we plan to send regular press releases to local media as events and projects receive endorsement to keep the Bicentennial top of mind throughout 2024.”

At Hendricks200.com anyone can request a free Bicentennial yard sign, sign up for a monthly newsletter and apply for endorsement.

Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities are also currently being developed at various levels.

“We are looking for corporate sponsors for specific activities and we hope to have some more affordable sponsorship opportunities for small businesses, families and individuals next year,” Duke said.

The Bicentennial Steering Committee exists to support and encourage the Hendricks County community in their efforts to celebrate our community’s past, present and future. For more information, visit Hendricks200.com or email Hendricks200th@gmail.com.

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