HCCF Teaches Families About Giving at County Fair Using “Phil and His Family’s Adventures in Giving”

Avon, IN – The Hendricks County Community Foundation sponsored the 2015 Family Fun & Fitness Day at the Hendricks County Fair this year through the Deedee Daniel Opportunity Fund. This sponsorship provided families in Hendricks County with the opportunity to take part in some fun activities all for free. Along with bounce houses, an obstacle course, pony rides and more, HCCF had a tent with simple ways to encourage families to think about philanthropy.

HCCF purchased 100 boxes of “Phil and His Family’s Adventure in Giving” from the Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana (YPII), a program of the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance, whose mission is to build lifelong philanthropists who give their time, talent and treasure for the common good. These boxes were distributed to families that participated at the HCCF tent. Various activities from the box were set up inside the HCCF area for hands-on activities. Families also had the opportunity to vote for their favorite community by placing a marble in their community jar. The Danville Community Fund received the most “votes” and received a $100 grant from the Community Foundation. HCCF Community Funds, as well as all other restricted endowed funds, are eligible for a $0.50 match on the $1 for every gift thanks to the Lilly Endowment GIFT VI initiative.

Another fun activity at the HCCF tent, inspired by the “Phil and His Family’s Adventure in Giving,” was using some of the conversation starters for families to answer in a creative way. Their responses were saved and distributed to fair guests later in the week in “I am HCCF” water bottles.

William Rhodehamel, HCCF Executive Director, spoke to the value of using the YPII boxes to teach philanthropy, “’Phil and His Family’s Adventure in Giving’ boxes were a great tool for us to engage an audience of young families in a discussion around what philanthropy means and how anyone can be a philanthropist. It was exciting to see the parents’ reaction to this free gift from HCCF that would enable them to begin or continue the conversation of giving in their home. We are thankful for a tool like this to help teach families in our community about just how fun giving can be.” William noted that events like this are a wonderful way to engage the community in beginning to think about giving back, “We are here for the community. Our goal is to serve as a resource to all those in Hendricks County looking for a way to give back,” said Rhodehamel.

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