Halloween Safety Tips from the Indiana State Police

Halloween is right around the corner.  The time of year when kids and adults alike are looking forward to dressing up in their favorite costumes and spending time with family and friends trick-or-treating!  As you head out with your children, family, or friends for an evening of trick-or-treating this Halloween, remember that safety is of the utmost importance! A little preplanning and discussion will serve you well and get everyone back home safe.

Please consider the following safety tips offered by the Indiana State Police to ensure a safe and enjoyable trick-or-treat experience.

1)      Know what the dates and times are in your community for trick-or-treating, and respectfully abide by those times.

2)      Make sure that you have a flashlight, glow stick, or reflective material on the costume so that you can be seen at all times.

3)      Always trick-or-treat with an adult or use the buddy system when approaching a house, and please practice social distancing by remaining at least 6 feet away from others who do not live with you.

4)      Please walk on the sidewalks and not in the roadway and make sure that you look both directions before crossing the roadway.

5)      Only go trick-or-treating at houses where the front porch light is on.

6)      NEVER ENTER THE HOUSE OF A STRANGER and preferably only trick-or-treat at homes that are familiar to you.

7)      If a trick-or-treater gets separated from others, have them stay where they are and ask an adult for help.

8)      Parents should always inspect the candy before it is eaten to ensure the items is safe.

9)     Motorist driving through neighborhoods should use extreme caution. Children do not pay attention and undoubtedly will run out into traffic. Slow down and be prepared.

10)  Please follow your local health department and CDC guidelines for personal protective measures. A costume mask is not a substitute for a cloth mask.  Everyone is encouraged to make your cloth mask part of the costume!   

Have a safe and enjoyable Halloween!

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