Governor Holcomb authorizes pay-for-performance raises in 2018

INDIANAPOLIS (December 29, 2017) – Governor Eric J. Holcomb today sent a message to state employees authorizing performance-based increases following the completion of performance evaluations in January 2018. Employees who meet expectations will receive a 2 percent raise; employees who exceed expectations will receive a 3 percent raise, and employees rated “outstanding” will receive a 4 percent raise.


“I am grateful to work alongside the men and women who are the force behind the service Hoosiers have come to expect from their state government,” Gov. Holcomb said. “I am pleased to authorize performance-based raises for a job well done.”


The governor’s message in full to state employees is attached.


Dec. 29, 2017

Fellow state employees,

Today I am writing to commend and thank you for the exemplary service you provided Hoosier taxpayers throughout 2017.

Because of your commitment to delivering great government service at great taxpayer value, Indiana is known for its balanced budget, AAA credit rating and sound fiscal management. Hoosiers continue to expect and receive exceptional service and support from our state government.

This year, I am pleased to authorize a pay for performance increase to recognize your work throughout 2017. Once evaluations are completed in January, employees who meet expectations will receive a 2 percent raise; employees who exceed expectations will receive a 3 percent raise, and employees rating outstanding will receive a 4 percent raise.

Please accept this as a job well done in 2017 and encouragement for continued productivity in 2018. I am privileged to serve alongside you. Together, we make this a better state for the people of Indiana.

May you and your families have a healthy, safe and prosperous New Year!


Gov Holcom Esig

Governor Eric J. Holcomb


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