Gov. Holcomb Makes Appointments to Boards & Commissions

INDIANAPOLIS – Governor Eric J. Holcomb today announced several appointments and reappointments to state boards and commissions.

Commission for Higher Education
The Indiana Commission for Higher Education defines the missions of Indiana’s colleges and universities, plans and coordinates the state’s postsecondary education system, and ensures that Indiana’s higher education system is aligned to meet the needs of students and the state. The Commission is led by Teresa Lubbers.

Membership: Fourteen gubernatorial appointees, including representatives from each Congressional district, three at-large members, a college faculty representative, and a college student representative.


New Appointments:

  • Dr. Beverley Pitts, President Emerita of the University of Indianapolis. Dr. Pitts’ term expires June 30, 2018.
  • Mr. Alfonso Vidal, President of Vidal Plastics, LLC. Mr. Vidal’s term expires June 30, 2019.

Horse Racing Commission

Indiana’s Horse Racing Commission ensures that pari-mutuel wagering on horse races in Indiana will be conducted with the highest of standards and the greatest level of integrity.


Membership: Five gubernatorial appointees. Appointees serve four-year terms at the pleasure and discretion of the governor. The governor also designates one member of the commission as chairman.


New Appointment and Chairman Designee:


  • Dr. Phillip C. Borst, Owner, Shelby Street Animal Clinic. Dr. Borst fills a vacant term set to expire Nov. 1, 2017, and has been designated chairman of the commission by Gov. Holcomb.


Indiana Economic Development Corporation

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) was established in 2005 to attract and support new business investment, create new jobs for Hoosiers, and ensure Indiana’s legacy as one of the top states in the nation for business. The IEDC is led by Indiana Secretary of Commerce Jim Schellinger and IEDC President Elaine Bedel.

Membership: Eleven gubernatorial appointees. Appointees serve four-year terms at the pleasure and discretion of the governor.

New Appointments:

  • Mr. Fred J. Merritt, Owner of Riverside Manufacturing. Mr. Merritt’s term expires March 21, 2021.
  • Mr. Mark D. Miles, CEO of Hulman & Company. Mr. Miles’ term expires March 21, 2021.
  • Mr. John C. Lechleiter, Former President, CEO and Chairman of the Board for Eli Lilly and Company. Mr. Lechleiter’s term expires April 1, 2021.

Reappointments (Terms expire March 21, 2021):

  • Ms. Angela F. Braly
  • Mr. Richard L. Johnson, Jr.
  • Mr. Michael L Kubacki
  • Mr. Dayton Molendorp
  • Mr. John T. Thompson

Existing Members:

  • Mr. Joel Gorelick (Term expires in October 2017.)
  • Mr. Wm. Dominic Grote IV (Term expires in December 2019.)
  • Mr. Mark W. Neal (Term expires in December 2019.)

Governor’s Residence Commission


The Indiana Governor’s Residence Commission was created to provide the governor a suitable residence and is charged with the maintenance of the residence.

Membership: Seven gubernatorial appointees serve at the pleasure and discretion of the governor.

New Appointments:

  • Ms. Ann S Frick
  • Mr. William A. “Bill” Browne, Jr.
  • Ms. Jackie Morris
  • Ms. Julie Kirby
  • Mr. Lou Gerig
  • Ms. Shandon Whistler
  • Ms. Vicki Goode

Ms. Marianne Molony, chief of staff to First Lady Janet Holcomb, was designated by the governor as a non-voting advisor to the commission.

Governor’s Public Building Foundation

The Governor’s Public Building Foundation is a non-profit corporation that works together with the Governor’s Residence Commission.  The governor designates the leadership of the foundation.

The following individuals will continue to serve:

  • Mr. Robert T. Grand
  • Ms. Deborah J. Daniels
  • Ms. Lesa F. Dietrick

Midwestern Higher Education Compact
The Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) is a nonprofit regional organization serving 12 states to provide greater higher education opportunities and services in the Midwestern region.

Membership: Each member state is represented by five resident members. The governor is a member of the commission and may delegate a member to serve in his place during his term of office. Additionally, the governor appoints two members from the field of higher education to serve a term of four years.

New Appointments:

  • Dr. Charles R. Johnson, Jr., President of Vincennes University. Dr. Johnson’s term expires in Feb. 2021.


  • Dr. Ken Sauer, Senior Associate Commissioner and Chief Academic Officer for the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. Dr. Sauer is the governor’s delegate.

Existing Members:

  • Richard L. Ludwick, President and CEO of the Independent Colleges of Indiana. Mr. Ludwick’s term expires in March 2020.


Great Lakes Commission
The commission promotes development of the Great Lakes basin, plans water resource development, makes maximum possible use of navigational aids and other public works, and secures balanced use of the basin.
Membership: Each member state is entitled to up to five commissioners, and the governor appoints the members of the Indiana delegation to terms of four years.

New Appointments: (Filling vacant terms expiring in Dec. 2018.)

  • Ms. Sharon M. Jackson, Deputy General Counsel for the Office of the Governor
  • Mr. Bruno L. Pigott, Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management


Existing Members: (Terms expiring in December 2018.)

  • Jody W. Peacock, Vice President, Ports of Indiana
  • Steve Fisher, Executive Director, American Great Lakes Ports Association
  • Kay L. Nelson, Director of Environmental Affairs, Northwest Indiana Forum

Indiana Public Retirement System Board of Trustees
The board oversees the financial management of public employee retirement funds.

Membership: Nine trustees are appointed by the governor. The state budget director or his designee is a member of the board, and both the state auditor and treasurer may nominate themselves or another to be appointed by the governor to serve on the board. Two members are appointed by the governor directly.

New Appointments: (Terms ending in June 2019.)

  • The Honorable Tera K. Klutz, Auditor of State of Indiana.
  • The Honorable Kelly Mitchell, Treasurer of State of Indiana

Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River Water Resources Regional Body, and Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Council
These two groups protect the great lakes and the St. Lawrence River Basin. The governor made one reappointment to serve at his pleasure for both.

Membership of Council: The governors of each member state are the ex officio members.  Each governor must appoint at least one alternate.

Membership of Regional Body: The governors of each member state or their respective designees.


  • Mr. Chris Smith, Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources

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