Donnelly: AARP Study Adds to Chorus of Evidence that Administration’s Actions Are Causing Hoosiers’ Health Premiums to Rise

Indianapolis, Ind. – A new analysis from AARP provides further evidence that the Administration’s efforts to sabotage the health care markets by undermining and destabilizing the Affordable Care Act will lead to higher premiums for older Hoosiers. The analysis showed that, due to recently-proposed short-term plans and policy changes from the tax law, premiums for a 60-year-old Hoosier are projected to rise by nearly 20 percent in 2019 – an increase of more than $1,600. 

Donnelly said, “This is just the latest evidence showing that the Administration’s efforts are leading to higher premiums for families, including older Hoosiers. This is unnecessary and could be prevented if the Administration was willing to work in a bipartisan way to stabilize markets and make coverage more affordable. I continue to stand ready to work with Republicans, Democrats, and the Administration to improve our health care system and reduce insurance costs for Hoosiers.” 

Donnelly announced his concerns with short-term plans when the Administration proposed them in February. These plans, sold outside of the current health insurance exchanges including in Indiana, allow for discrimination based on pre-existing condition, allows consumers to be charged more when sick, and are not required to cover essential health care benefits including emergency services or preventative care. 

In recent weeks, studies from the independent Urban Institute and from Covered California have shown the harm that the Administration’s efforts have had on health insurance markets, and the potential double-digit increases that Hoosiers may see as a result.

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