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Coronavirus Update from the Hendricks County Health Department – March 23

This is a message from the Hendricks County Health Department on March 23rd, 2020 with information about the novel coronavirus and “coronavirus disease 2019”, abbreviated COVID-19. This message is to provide information about COVID-19 in Hendricks County Indiana, and what we can all do to minimize its spread. Following this message will be a special message about the Plainfield Resident Assistance Program.

On March 23rd, 2020, Governor Holcomb issued a Stay-at-Home Order for Hoosiers, effective beginning March 24th at 11:59pm ET and ending April 6th at 11:59pm ET. The Stay-At-Home Order applies to the entire state of Indiana. Unless you work for an essential business or are doing an essential activity, you must stay home. This order is mandatory. For the safety of all Hoosiers, people must stay home and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Essential businesses and services include but are not limited to grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, police stations, fire stations, hospitals, doctor’s offices, health care facilities, garbage pickup, public transit, and public service hotlines such as SNAP and HIP 2.0.

Essential activities include but are not limited to activities for health and safety, necessary supplies and services, outdoor activity, certain types of essential work, and to take care of others. A list can be found in the Governor’s executive order at

All public and private gatherings of any number of people that occur outside of a home is prohibited. Any gathering of more than ten people is prohibited. Bars, nightclubs and restaurants are required to close to in-person patrons and may provide take-out and delivery services. Schools will be closed through May 1. Hendricks County Schools have made alternative plans for school operations.

For more information on the Indiana Stay-at-Home order, please visit:

For business and industry questions regarding Indiana’s Stay-at-Home order, please call the Critical Industries Hotline at 877-820-0890 or email .

For a complete list of Governor Holcomb’s Executive Orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit:

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person through respiratory droplets produced by sneezing and coughing by persons within about six feet. It may also be possible to contact COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes. Risk of infection with COVID-19 is higher for people who are close contacts of someone known to have COVID-19. Examples of close contacts are healthcare workers or household members.

The virus that causes COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus that was first identified during an investigation into an outbreak in Wuhan, China. The virus has now been confirmed in over 100 locations internationally, including the United States.

COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus, meaning that it is a new coronavirus that had not previously been identified. The virus causing coronavirus disease, COVID-19, is not the same as the coronaviruses that now commonly circulates among humans.

The symptoms associated with COVID-19 include mild to severe respiratory illness with symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Older adults and people who have serious chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease are at a higher risk of getting sick from this illness.

The best ways to protect yourself are to

  • wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • avoid touching your face with unwashed hands
  • avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • stay home when you are sick
  • cover your cough or sneeze and clean, and
  • disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

The Hendricks County Health Department does not test for COVID-19. If you are having symptoms of a respiratory illness, call your doctor or healthcare provider. If you are sick, stay home unless you need to seek medical care.

The Indiana State Department of Health has strict testing criteria due to the number of test kits currently available. We expect to learn more about plans for additional testing as kits are made available. Once additional testing does become available, we expect an increase in the number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases.

Cases of COVID-19 are being investigated by local and state health officials, and we can all do our part to prevent and minimize the spread of this virus by practicing everyday preventive actions. Please continue to be informed through reliable sources, such as the Indiana State Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

If you have questions or would like additional information about Coronavirus or COVID-19, please call the Hendricks County Health Department at 317-745-9222. Outside of normal business hours of 8 am to 4 pm EST, please contact the Indiana State Department of Health at 877-826-0011.

For the latest information visit ISDH website: or CDC website: These websites are updated frequently, so please revisit periodically.

This concludes the general Hendricks County informational announcement.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Town of Plainfield began receiving call for the Plainfield Resident Assistance Program. Residents that are at a high risk from the coronavirus have been instructed to stay home and avoid other people for their own safety. The Resident Assistance Program was designed to help these high-risk Plainfield residents by connecting them with resources to meet their basic needs.

The Assistance Program can assist with delivery of groceries and pre-paid medications that are ready for pick-up. Town employees, who have gone through a health screening, will be activated to pick up requested essentials and drop goods off at doorsteps.

For residents who are not able to process an online order and/or have other limitations, the Town may be able to help connect residents with area churches or other community resources for a wide variety of issues.

The Town of Plainfield has set up a phone number (317-839-2561) and an email ( to handle the requests. For the safety of everyone, all deliveries will be made in marked Town of Plainfield vehicles. The Town began accepting requests via phone call and email, and assistance will be available from 10am to 2pm Monday through Friday, beginning March 23rd. Based on volume of requested assistance, the Town may look at expanding the program in the future.

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