Marco Rubio

Coats Endorses Marco Rubio for President

Dan Coats

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Dan Coats (R-Ind.) today endorsed Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) for President of the United States:

“After months of spirited debates and now three consequential primary contests, it is time to focus on which Republican candidate can best unite our party, earn the support of independents and disaffected Democrats and win the election this fall.

“It is clear to me that Marco Rubio is that candidate. He has all the qualities needed to unite our fractured nation and address the major domestic and foreign policy challenges that confront America because of Barack Obama’s failed leadership.  “I have sat literally side-by-side with Marco on the Senate Intelligence Committee for over five years and have witnessed up close his grasp of complex issues and readiness to lead our nation as commander-in-chief. I am excited to support him and look forward to the next generation of conservative leadership under Marco Rubio.”

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