Brownsburg Education Foundation Announces Grant Recipients for 2017 – 2018 School Year

Giving back to the teachers and students of the Brownsburg Community School Corporation is one of the best parts of the
Brownsburg Education Foundation.
Grants awarded include District Excellence Awards, grants given to whole grade levels or departments, and InCredible Awards, grants given to individual teachers or small groups that focus on Innovation and Creativity, two of the values highlighted in the Brownsburg Education Foundation mission statement: To encourage and support innovation, creativity and excellence that will enhance the educational community of the Brownsburg Community School Corporation.
For the 2017-2018 school year, over $110,000 was given back to the school corporation in the form of District Excellence
Awards and InCredible Awards.“These grants and initiatives, which are made possible through donations, are helping
support our incredibly talented and hardworking staff at the Brownsburg Community Schools. The Brownsburg Education
Foundation is humbled to have a role in supporting a community that produces quality education for our children,” says
Grant Chairperson, Nikki Jarvis. Money for these projects can be partly attributed to the strong commitment from local
businesses and individuals who loyally support the Brownsburg Education Foundation and its mission. Without their help,
the Foundation could not accomplish all that it does.
InCredible Awards were given to the following individuals:

Shannon Walmoth, Emily Clem, Elizabeth Chandler, Amanda Rogers, and Paul Trimmel – “Reagan on the Run” and “Reagan on the Run Junior”, sponsored in part by Adelsperger Orthodontics

Julia Rock“STEAM Science Friday”, sponsored in part by Bill Estes Automotive

Emily Garrard, Emily Steffen, Beth Mitchell, and Lori Tietz – “Set the Stage to Engage: Let the Adventure Begin!”, sponsored in part by Stutler Dental Care

Nick Friedman, Lois Swanson, and Christina Duncan – “Purdue Science Express at BHS”, sponsored in part by Falcone Volkswagen, Subaru and Saab

Kim Ramsey – “Makerspace After School Club”, sponsored in part by Falcone Volkswagen, Subaru and Saab

Christina Duncan and Lois Swanson – “Studying Organs from the Inside”, sponsored in part by Meyer Najem Corporation

Barbara Schroeder, Kim Ramsey, Karen Horein, Lindsey Layton, Jaymee Singleton, and Stacey Szanti – “Literacy Listening”, sponsored in part by Ella Mae’s Boutique

Chris Floyd and Josh Yoder – “A Cut Above – Laser Cutters”, sponsored in part by LeBlanc Nettles Davis

Kristina Gipson – “Energy Smart Inventors Club”, sponsored in part by State Bank of Lizton

Julia Rock – “Eagle Running Club”, sponsored in part by IU Health West Hospital

Lisa Peterson, Katie Mitchell, Katie Seymour, Jenni Shellhorn, Katrina Rodriguez, and Jennifer Brackney – “Supporting the Social and Emotional Health of Preschool Students”, sponsored in part by IU Health West Hospital

Sarah Montminy and Keelie King – “Brown Salad Garden”, sponsored in part by IU Health West Hospital

Allison Cioroinau and Lindsay Cain – “ArtMix Urban Artisan and Art Connects All”, sponsored in part by Summers Plumbing, Heating and Cooling

Michele Barbee – “Mystery Motivation Madness”, sponsored in part by VALIC

Dawn Mayer – “3-D Printer for BHS Robotics Club”, sponsored in part by Yankee Candle Fund Raising

Adam Good – “Aerial Views”

Mary Kintner, Krista Mingus, Megan Carroll, and Tammy Huggler – “We’re on a Ball for Learning in 2nd Grade!”

Allison Sims, Megan Chester, Brian Tucker, and Meggen Lepper – “Class Novels”

Stephanie Nicolini-Borem, Jennifer Brackney, and Sarah Salmon – “Promoting Handwriting and Visual Motor Skills”

Jennifer Steed and Elizabeth Cala – “Celebrating 25+ Years of Our German Exchange”

Lee Anne Barnes, Jenni Shellhorn, Lorraine Jeter, and Lenore Delamarter – Hallway Therapy”

Lauren Falk, Taylor Mathews, Megan Carroll, Jen Elstro, and Sara Creasey – “Fluency Development”

Alison Burns – “Escape the Classroom!”

Justin Baird and Nathan Dale – “Young Men of Purpose”

Shelley Rankin – “Fidget Freedom Alternative Seating”

Maria Kouns – “Stable = Able”

Megan Carroll – “STEM in Second Grade”

Amanda Rogers, Liz Funk, Anne Kerr, and Kris Kriskovich – “Stop, Collaborate and LISTEN”

Lois Swanson, Christina Duncan and Jessica Walter – “Anatomy in Clay”

Jennifer Spoor and Kaci Nash – “Calculated Success”

Meg Welch – “H.I.P. Books”

Beth Oburn, Kerri Patterson, and Linda Prchal – “Breakout Boxes”

Megan Hamilton – “Escaping the Classroom”

Lori Woodcock – “The Power of Photography”

Dawn Crone – “Escape the Room in a Box”

Rose Rosenbalm, Laurie Jones, and Kayla Smith – “Nathan Mills Kindness Project”

Elizabeth Mendenhall – “Driving Up Interest in Computer Science”

Stephanie Nicolini-Borem, Jennifer Brackney, Melissa McGill, and Megan Moiser – “Stand-up to Learn”

as well as supplemental funding to the Real Men Reads Program for the 2017 – 2018 school year.


For a list of District Excellence Awards, visit our website at

The Brownsburg Education Foundation (BEF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was formed in 1987 and one of the first local public school foundations in Indiana. The Foundation’s mission is to encourage and support creativity, innovation and excellence to enhance the educational community of the Brownsburg Community School Corporation. The Foundation’s impact over the past 30 years is over $1,500,000 awarded in grants and scholarships. Support for BEF programs includes gifts from BEF Corporate Champions Adelsperger Orthodontics, Bill Estes Automotive and Stutler Dental Care and Corporate Partners Ally Bank, Falcone Volkswagen, Subaru & Saab, Guitar Center, HomeGoods/TJX Foundation, Hendricks Regional Health, IU Health West Hospital, LeBlanc Nettles Davis, Meyer Najem Corporation, Miller Pipeline, and State Bank of Lizton. To donate, volunteer, or for more information about the Brownsburg Education Foundation please call 317-852-1056 or visit

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