Avon Schools Announces Unified, Updated Athletic Logo

Avon, Ind. – On July 1, 2023, Avon Community School Corporation (ACSC) revealed a brand-new athletics logo and identity. This new logo family, which will be most visible at Avon High School (AHS), Avon Middle School North (AMS North), Avon Middle School South (AMS South), and the yet-to-be-named new middle school, embraces ACSC’s traditional black and yellow color scheme and Orioles mascot while providing a fresh, aggressive, modern aesthetic for a new generation of student-athletes. 

“This project was virtually complete when I entered the role of Corporation Athletic Director this spring,” says Jason Young, long-time AHS teacher and coach. “It is exciting to me that we get to move into a new era of athletics at AHS, AMS North, and AMS South with such a strong, fresh brand on our student-athletes’ uniforms. This certainly provides excitement and unity as we move forward together. I’m excited to see our community embrace this new logo and to see it beginning to pop up around town as students, parents, and community members proudly wear and display it.” 

The student leadership team at AHS – comprised of Student Government representatives and student-athletes – were among the first to see the new graphic identity. Their comments revealed their excitement and pride. They were happy that the new identity retained the Oriole mascot and the big yellow A, which they pointed out was much easier to read. They liked the more polished and professional presentation, the fact that the Oriole communicated strength and aggression, and that the artwork remains unique to Avon. One student, a 2023 graduate, summarized the group’s thoughts when he remarked, “That definitely has the swag for sports.” 

The new visual package contains dozens of versions for each school: each school has its own logo; there are ‘Orioles’, ‘North’, and ‘South’ logotype treatments, lockups of ‘AVON’ rendered in classic, athletic block font, and more. “We wanted to provide our athletic departments with as much flexibility as possible,” says Communications Coordinator Kevin Carr, “so we have equipped them with multiple versions and formats of the new mark. From a design standpoint, however, when our student-athletes take the field – whether it’s for AHS, AMS North, or AMS South – there will be no question that they are Avon Orioles.” Carr points out that the old Oriole logos – there are multiple versions across the high school and middle schools – won’t go away immediately. “Athletic departments maintain schedules for purchasing new uniforms and gear. We didn’t want to impose unnecessary expenses, so it will take a while before the new look is completely incorporated for each team and each school.” 

Apparel and gear containing the new athletic identity will begin appearing at retailers around the Town of Avon and at schools in the coming weeks. 

To learn more or to find out where you can order gear, visit avon-schools.org/orioles

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