AAA Warns Drivers to Watch Out for Credit Card Skimmers at Gas Stations

Indianapolis, IN – Aug. 23, 2017 – With an apparent increase in credit card skimming devices being discovered at gas stations this year, AAA Hoosier Motor Club is warning motorists to be extra cautious when paying at the pump.
“It happened to me on the south side of Indianapolis a couple of weeks ago,” said Greg Seiter, public affairs manager with AAA Hoosier Motor Club. “I usually pay with cash inside the store but I didn’t that night and someone skimmed my card. Fortunately, my bank was immediately on top of the situation.”
Anyone who suspects a skimmer in their gas pump can check by jiggling the credit card slot to see if it is askew or asymmetrical.
AAA offers the following advice to those using self-service gas pumps:
  • Park at pumps close to the front door of the gas station if possible. Criminals tend to install the skimmers on an outside pump farthest from where the clerks can see them.
  • Check for Bluetooth skimmers embedded inside pumps at a gas station using your cell phone. Turn on your Bluetooth setting and look for a series of random numbers and letters. It may be a telltale sign a Bluetooth-enabled skimming device is interleaved into the gas kiosk. Do not connect to the Bluetooth device.
  • Make sure the gas pump panel is closed and inspect the card reader at the pump. Look for signs of tampering. If it looks like it has been opened or its security tape has been broken, inform the cashier and do not use that pump.
  • Be aware of individuals who appear to be unnecessarily lingering around the gas pump area. They may even be pretending to pump gas into their own vehicle.
  • Pay for your gas inside the store.
  • Use cash instead of your credit card.
  • Monitor your bank statements constantly. Look for overdraft notices. Skimming criminals may wait months before using your information and then go on a sudden spending spree.
About AAA Hoosier Motor Club
AAA Hoosier Motor Club is a fully tax-paying, not-for-profit corporation with more than 300 employees that offers membership benefits, emergency roadside service, insurance and travel agency services both online and through 14 retail outlets across the state. The 435,000-member affiliate of the American Automobile Association (AAA) works for the enhancement of safety and the overall improvement of travel conditions within its 50-county Indiana territory. AAA is the largest motoring and leisure travel organization in North America with more than 56 million members. Additionally, AAA Insurance has been protecting the cars, homes and financial security of Hoosiers for more than 80 years.

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