When Do Vehicle Crashes Happen? This Interactive Site Will Tell You

Indianapolis – If you’ve ever wondered is it possible to predict when and where a vehicle crash may occur, the answer to that question is “Yes”. The Indiana State Police engaged the services of the Management Performance Hub, commonly referred to as the MPH, to create an interactive website for the public and media to help the public make informed road travel decisions.

The result of the collaborative efforts of the Indiana State Police and the MPH was development of the Indiana Daily Crash Prediction map. This interactive map can be found on the Indiana State Police website at this location: http://www.in.gov/isp/3268.htm.

The media and the public are encouraged to visit the website to read a brief overview of how the interactive map works and also view a short three minute video with more detailed information. With the winter driving months fast approaching it is the hope and desire of the Indiana State Police that this new tool will offer Hoosiers another way to help plan their commute for work, pleasure or daily errands.

More About the Map:

The interactive map predicts the current three-hour time window, but users can select an alternate period of time for that current day. The map updates based on the selections, using color shading to indicate the probability of a crash occurring on that date and time in each 1km by 1km grids throughout the state. Blue indicates a low probability, yellow indicates a moderate probability and red indicates a high probability. Locations of relevant historical crashes can be seen as red and gray dots as the user zooms in on an area. Red dots represent fatal and EMS response crashes while gray dots indicate property damage crashes.

The Overall Goal:

The Daily Crash Prediction map allows for proactive policing approaches, targeted towards a reduction in crashes and fatalities. Data from the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) indicates a reduction of 1 percent of all crashes could result in savings of up to 35 million dollars per year for Indiana travelers, while protecting the lives and well-being of the motoring public across the state.

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