Staying Safe While Working in Record Heat

Indiana is currently in the midst of a record heat wave. Soaring temperatures and stifling humidity are driving a 105F-110F degree heat index throughout most of Indiana for the next few days.

The Indiana Department of Labor and its Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration want to ensure that employees working outdoors or in facilities with no climate control are protected against heat-related illness.

 Employees working in high heat should remember to:

  • Ease into work—build up heat tolerance slowly
  • Drink cool water—at least one cup every 20 minutes, even when not thirsty
  • Take rest breaks—take enough time to recover from heat
  • Find shade or a cool area—avoid staying in direct heat for too long
  • Dress for the heat—wear light-colored, loose-fitting, breathable clothing
  • Watch out for each other—if you see signs of heat illness in yourself or a coworker, get help!

To learn more about the warning signs of heat-related illness, employer responsibilities, and worker information, visit

For information about developing and implementing a heat illness program, or for any other occupational safety and health related topic, call INSafe at (317) 232-2688.

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